Malte Kebbel's work deal conceptually and visually with the theme of light. His compositions range from two-dimensional murals to room-sized, walk-in installations. His works are conceived to follow a clear aesthetic in daylight, only coming to fruition under the special influence of light. Malte Kebbel works ever more frequently in the public space and exhibits his works at light art festivals.

From two-dimensional mixed media works to large-scale walk-in installations, Malte Kebbel produces unique light artworks both for the gallery space and outdoors. By daylight, the works follow a clear aesthetic that reveals their real character only when exposed to special light creating the impression that they originate from a different space-time continuum. Kebbel confidently draws on the interplay of light and shadows, masterly experimenting with different techniques and materials.

His work is also characterized by an intensive interaction of shape and color. Through the use of geometrical forms, heights and depths, fragmentarily combined into a puzzle of found and created images, a complex language emerges, whose almost magical attraction the viewer can barely escape from.

The apparent reality, which solely consists of the visible surface, opens up a relative space, studded with innumerable pictorial motifs, gradually becoming self-sustaining and beginning to take relentless possession of the voids. The resulting haptic feel resembles mountains in colorful rapture, a distorted perception, which seems irritating and familiar at the same time.

Illuminated by rays, torn from the darkness, the light reveals the hidden secrets of the image collage. The viewer has only a few seconds to adopt the moment before the light incident changes the shape of the artwork once again - recurring dynamics.