Dear Luminale Fans, dear Guests,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 8th Luminale. As Lighting Culture Biennale it accompanies the Light+Building trade fair. Over the coming days, Frankfurt am Main will be the most important meeting place for experts from the sector. In the evening Luminale visitors fill the streets and squares of the city where they can enjoy design objects, light art pieces, projections and performances. During Luminale, the city becomes an experimental proving ground for creative personalities. This laboratory character distinguishes Luminale from the numerous other lighting festivals, many of which are inspired by the success of Luminale and aim to attract people to the city centre with light. It is the only festival worldwide that targets both experts and the general public. It is an excellent platform for the next generation. Many a great carrier started with a Luminale project in Frankfurt. The importance of Luminale for Frankfurt’s appeal cannot be overestimated. In the evenings thousands of photographers go on photo safaris. Their pictures are spread around the globe and bear witness to the vitality in both Frankfurt and Offenbach, where you are also invited to the Luminale parcours. I wish you all, visitors to the trade fair and Frankfurt citizens alike, insights and new perspectives.

Peter Feldmann
Lord Mayor of the City
of Frankfurt am Main


Die legendäre Naxoshalle in der Waldschmidtstraße, Frankfurts bekanntestes Zeugnis der Industriekultur, gleich gegenüber dem Mousonturm, ist der zentrale Schauplatz der Luminale 2016. Rund 20 Installationen, Performances, interaktive Raumlichtkunstwerke und faszinierende Lichtobjekte finden sich in der Halle. Weitere Installationen und Aktivitäten wie das erste Guerrilla Lighting in Frankfurt starten von der zentral gelegenen Naxoshalle aus.

Von den Luminale-Shuttlebussen wird Naxos im 15-Minuten-Takt angesteuert. Gastgeber ist das THEATER WILLY PRAML, das seine Spielstätte und Studiobühne den internationalen Luminale-Künstlern zur Verfügung stellt. Das Theaterfoyer bietet sich für die Luminale- Nachtschwärmer als Treffpunkt an, die sich auf ihrem Luminale-Rund-gang mit Getränken und Speisen stärken können.


The legendary Naxoshalle, Frankfurt’s most famous testimony to indus- trial culture, on Waldschmidtstrasse just opposite the Mousonturm, is the central venue for Luminale 2016. Around 20 installations, performances, interactive space light art works and fascinating light objects can be found in the hall. Other installations and activities such as the first Guerrilla Lighting in Frankfurt start from the Naxoshalle.
The Luminale shuttle buses stop at Naxos at 15-minute intervals. Hosted by the THEATER WILLY PRAML, which will put its venue and studio stage at the disposal of the international Luminale artists.


The theatre foyer is the ideal meeting point for Luminale revellers where they can have drinks and food on their Luminale tour., Info-Telefon: 069 - 43 05 47 33

13. – 18.3. | 19.00 – 23.00 h | Eintritt: 2,– Euro

Eingang: Naxoshalle – Theater Willy Praml, Waldschmidtstraße 19 (gegenüber Mousonturm), 60316 Frankfurt am Main
U-Bahn: Merianplatz oder Zoo, Strassenbahn: Waldschmidtstraße


Projekte in der Naxoshalle:

Geodesic-Sound |

Auf verwachsenem Pfade |

Aletheia |

Brillo & Linea |

Caleuche |

Naufrago |

Erscheinung |

Flora |

Fusion |

Gunstbrause |

in sight |

Kaleidoscope |,,

Licht X |


Spannbaum (never Gozinto)

Seifenblasenprojektor |

malaria mosquito migration |

empore, empore, empore |

Anagramm – Hommage an Norman McLaren


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Luminale 2016 - Programmheft:


2016-03-13 - 2016-03-18




Frankfurt am Main, DE


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