Potsdamer Lichtspektakel 2019

2019-11-01 2019-11-03

In November 2016, the first Potsdam Light Spectacle took place in the Dutch Quarter under the title "Een Lichtspektakle". With around 20,000 visitors, the opening event with illuminations between the main station and Nauener Tor as well as the lighting market in the Dutch Quarter was a great success. In 2017, with the support of "old" and new partners, the number of visitors to the Lichtspektakel weekend rose to a total of 80,000, compared with 150,000 in 2018. What began as a small initiative to strengthen the retail trade and tourism even in times of seasonal weakness developed into a suitable means of attracting visitors from near and far to Potsdam in no time at all.

From 1 to 3 November 2019, Alice Paul-Lunow and Andreas Boehlke, the founder and initiator of the Light Festival in Berlin, are planning the third edition of the city-wide festival, at which many renowned national and international artists, designers and light architects will present themselves and over 30 objects and buildings will be set in light spectacular scenes through illuminations, projections, video mapping, video art and light art installations.

The light festival will be accompanied by numerous events such as the opening event at the Nauener Tor, partner events in the staged buildings, street art and charity actions. Numerous tour offers, e.g. in buses, on ships, guided tours on foot or with the Velotaxi are offered, in order to bring the visitors to the action places.

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