"Light Anemones" are rotating works of light art made of bent mirrors and curved Led lines. The light lines rotate centrally in the middle of the installations and are reflected by the outer struts.

During the day you can see the distorted reflection of the surroundings in the anemones, as well as the sunlight reflected in all directions. At night, the installations unfold their play of light in the darkness, revealing their true character and giving the impression that they come from a different space-time continuum.

The installation has the goal of striving towards the sun like any living creature. But is nature allowed to thrive wildly in the light or to grow only in protected areas, next to us humans? The installation shows the necessity to create an awareness of nature's needs and protect those.

One experiences a moment of harmonious symbiosis, a moment of contradictions, what blossoms here in the light and is artificial in nature. The observer becomes a mirroring observer and experiences a unique interplay of different light sequences, reflections and geometric shapes, which fragmentarily create a complex picture.




Light art



300 cm (118.1") x 300 cm (118.1") x 300 cm (118.1")

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